A photo of Steve Dixon taken at Buffer's 2017 company retreat in Madrid.

I’m Steve Dixon. I currently serve as Chief Design Officer at Strong where I’m responsible for all design, including the look and feel of the user interface, branding, new ideas and future initiatives.

I’ve worked with international brands including Kellogg’s, Müller, and O2 to design and build apps for Apple’s platforms, the web, and Android.

Over the last five years, I have worked at startups and technology businesses based in San Francisco, Mountain View, London, and Hong Kong. More recently, I worked at Buffer where I held both Product Designer and Engineer positions, and was instrumental in helping the company lay the foundation for their design system by developing style guides and later working on and developing reusable components in React.

With no formal nor academic training, I have pursued my passion for building and designing for the web since 1998, and I’m proud to be entirely self-taught. I’m grateful to have held both design and engineering positions over the last decade since landing my first job in the industry in 2008.

I subscribe to a sincere belief that good design is only achieved through having a deep understanding of how something works. I insist on involving myself in both design and engineering processes and tasks, often taking my concepts and building them in either Swift or Objective-C for iOS or CSS, HTML, and JavaScript for the web.


I’m not taking on any new projects at the moment. I’m always free to grab coffee and talk shop.