Reflecting on my craft

We shipped Strong 5 on iOS two weeks ago. It’s our biggest update to the product, and it’s approximately nine months of hard work. We’re humbled to receive such positive reviews from current and new users alike. We are in service of our users and their feedback helps us make our products better.

What I’m proud of in this release is the attention to detail that we have paid across the entire product. We spent nine months refining the user interface and user experience. Only when we were happy with it, we released it.

To make a successful product, you have to pay attention to the quality and the details. User research helps point us in the right direction, but, it is the care that we put into our work that matters. Our care is the intangible stuff that most can’t quite articulate but they know it when they see it. They feel it. It’s why company’s like Apple and Sony create such beautiful products. They’re companies that pursue artisans—those who care about their craft. Strong encourages that in us. I’m grateful to be in a position to help support that vision without hinderance nor stop energy.

The outcome of our work on Strong 5 for iOS is tenfold. We have a verbose components document in Sketch that serves as a tool for us to create prototypes. We have a defined method of how we build and design new features. We’re working to make our method public and serve as a guideline for us to create new features, and improve old ones. We have what we call the Strong Design Language, which documents our guidelines. We’re making Strong for Android even better than before. And so much more.

I’m excited about our work on this product. I’m grateful to be a part of a talented team of artisans that ride against the status quo. Who are in service of our users, and don’t subscribe to dogma. Who debate until we are all in agreement. Who throw away any form of artificial harmony. Who are honest. Who prefer to say exactly what they mean rather than prettifying it up in service of conforming to some cult-like set of values. Who don’t spend time engaging in narcissism on social networks. Who care about those that use our products.

Family is the first reason for me getting up in the morning. The above is the core of the second reason I get up in the morning, and give everything I have to the work that I do.

If you use Strong and have any feedback, I’m grateful for you taking the time to share it! Let’s keep fit!