I’m currently serving as Strong’s Chief Design Officer where I’m responsible for all design, including the look and feel of the user interface, branding, new ideas and future initiatives. My current focus is on our Android app where I’m helping to apply our design language that we’ve built for our next major releas for iOS—Strong 5.

Outside of my design responsibilities, I help maintain our StyleHelper.swift file that enables our iOS engineers to easily implement our style guide. I’m also working on an internal admin tool and Strong for web using Mongo, Express, Vue, and Node.


I built product features with the React framework for UI implementation, Redux to control data flow, and a mixture of back-end technologies such as Mongo, PHP, and Python.


Designed and improved product features based on user research using Sketch. Created prototypes using InVision and front-end technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and React.

  • Worked on the iOS app as an engineer for three months


Worked with companies across the globe both on-location and remotely to provide customer research, design and front-end development services, wire-frames, and prototypes.


Responsible for the daily operation of the company including product-related decisions. Worked on the concept, design, development, research, and overall strategy of the company’s product.


Helped establish working relationships with new clients in London in preparation for the launch of their London office. Provided design and development services to their array of clients.

Behaviour Labs

Designed and developed the product using customer research collected from our MVP. Collaborated remotely with our engineering team to implement all aspects of the design.


Designed and relaunched the company’s website using customer research to target the company’s three key audiences. We measured its success by monitoring an increase in conversion rates and retention.


Responsible for the design and development of a companion feature and web service of the company’s iOS product.


Responsible for design direction on all of the company’s products. Helped relaunch the company’s CDN product, CDNify, after a successful MVP and generated a 2x customer growth.

Blue Chip Marketing

Designed and developed marketing apps for the company’s clients such as O2, Kellogg’s and Müller to help enhance their national and international marketing campaigns.


Responsible for designing and building apps, web services, and web sites for the company’s clients.


Responsible for conducting customer research. Designed, prototyped, and created wireframes for the company’s clients.

Side Projects


I’m deeply fascinated by organizing my day around a simple to-do list. Lista aims to provide an elegant solution to task management and day-to-day organization. It’s an app for iOS and is a work-in-progress.


Spence—an app for iOS—is a financial product that serves a singular purpose. When we purchase an item that holds a percentage of its use for work purposes, we can claim a tax deduction here in the UK. The deduction in tax is money that we save and as such, that saving is tied directly to the item we have bought. While the full cost of the item will effectively come out of our own pocket—or business’ pocket—at the time of purchase, we know that because of our tax deduction, the items true cost to us is something different.

Through an algorithm that I designed within Apple’s Numbers software, Spence applies that saving calculation and gives you an immediate cost of the tax-deductible item.

Knowing how much I save on tax-deductible items is crucial in making an informed business purchase. It also helps me plan both my business and personal finances more effectively.