• Created a design system for Strong 5 on iOS, and Strong 2 on Android
  • Built the first phase of our web app using Vue.js
  • Currently building new features for our iOS app


  • Designed and built our iOS app on-boarding
  • Created and implemented the foundation of our design system
  • Built our style guides, and library of reusable components
  • Built product features using React.js, Redux, MongoDB, PHP, and Python
  • Built out the second, much-improved version of our Time Scheduler feature


  • Provided development and design services to companies across the globe


  • Responsible for the daily operation of the company—including product-related decisions
  • Worked on:
    • Product concepts
    • Design
    • Development
    • Research
    • Product strategy


  • Established working relationships with new clients in London
  • Provided development and design services to the company’s array of global clients

Behaviour Labs

  • Created a design system for our app, Curb
  • Built our working MVP


  • Rebuilt and redesigned our website, which increased conversion rates and retention


  • Built and designed a web-based companion feature of our iOS app


  • Rebuilt and redesigned our content distrubution network product—CDNify

Blue Chip Marketing

  • Built apps for our clients such as O2, Kellogg’s and Müller


  • Designed and built websites for our clients


  • Designed and built websites for our clients


Side Projects


Spence is an iOS app that helps you calculate the tax savings on business expenses. Business expenses lower your tax bill at the end of the financial year and this, in turn, means there’s a related saving on each business purchase. It’s useful to know the exact amount you’ll be paying out of your own pocket or profits.